The Benefits of Quality Online Marketing

Written by Search Engine Rank on December 9, 2013. Posted in Search engine ranking, Search engine rankings, Seo tools


Did you know that the origin of the Google “doodle” dates back to 1998? It was created by the co-founders of Google to let people know that they were attending the Burning Man festival, as the first “doodle” depicts the eponymous burning man. Since the launch of google and other search engines, internet marketing has placed an emphasis on providing exposure via said search engines.

Amazingly, Google also employs goats, rented from a grazing company, to mow the lawns at their headquarters. Google is an integral part of online marketing, as search engine rankings-particularly Google rankings-make a difference in how companies appeal to the public.

On that note, three quarters of internet search engine users never scroll past the first page of search results. Therefore, things like SEO reporting and other SEO marketing tools make a difference. In terms of online marketing solutions, few tools compare to SEO marketing.

Most SEO marketing companies can provide a multitude of services to their clients. Things like website optimization, mobile website optimization, website design and search marketing can help companies improve their online image, which can produce more leads and generate more profit.

SEO reporting tools even let the client know precisely how the strategies they employ are working. For instance, SEO reporting can tell a company that they have produced 42 percent more leads in a quarter than previously, or that their close rate is 10 percent higher than before.

Theoretically, a company cannot be successful if no one knows it exists. Therefore, companies that invest in online marketing solutions are fulfilling a basic need-the need for exposure to the consumer public. At the end of the day, one of the finest solutions to internet marketing is SEO marketing, all because of the importance of search engines and the internet in the modern day.