Boost Your Online Marketing With Search Engine Optimization

Written by Search Engine Rank on January 30, 2014. Posted in Seo marketing, Seo reporting, Seo tools


If you run your own business, it would behoove you to take measures to boost your online marketing efforts. With this in mind, search engine optimization, or SEO, should be a particular focus. Through the use of SEO tools you may better your search engine rankings, increase your company’s visibility, and improve sales as a result.

But why is SEO so critical? More and more prospective customers use search engines to find the products and services they care about. Compared to the less than 25% of customers who visit business sites directly and the 18% who use social media sites, a decisive 68% look up the service or product that is needed with the help of search engines. And investing in SEO is 61% less expensive than calling customers outright. One way to improve your SEO is to blog more often, which can result in more 434% more pages that show up in search engine results.

When it comes to search engines, the most dominant in the industry right now is Google. During the company’s early phase, it used LEGO pieces to store the hard drives used to develop its important algorithm for ranking websites called PageRank. Google’s grounds are manually mowed by rented goats that come from a grazing business.

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